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Decentralized Multi-services Community Oriented Platform for Sale & Finance

Started in June 2021, SpaceSeed provides an ever-growing suite of decentralized services. The objective is to bring maximum satisfaction on both ends of the crypto world. On the one end project holders can reach a great community of investors while using our top quality services. On the other end every penny used in our services is directly rewarding our investors.
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Our services

Second generation ICO

ICO generator DAPP

Create ICO in few clicks
Create whistellisted ICO
Anti sniping bots
AlienLaunch is an open, decentralized platform for token sales. Create sales in seconds with a simple decentralized form. All fees created by the DAPP will be used to valorize the price of $Alien token and reward holders that trusted us.


Farms as a service

Stimulating liquidity and creating market depth and price stability is essential for any cryptocurrency/token. This service allows project developers to incentivize their communities by creating a farming vault meant to be rewarding the liquidity providers and token farmers. Users/investors can then browse our platform and provide liquidity on the pairs/projects or Tokens they may be interested in getting Yield Farming.

Launchpad / Project Incubator

Have a powerful start

Get backed by us and our community of investors. If you need to make your token or be supported to make a successful ICO. You’ll have the perfect start to a successful journey. This service allows project developers to get access to the support of development expertise and marketing power/partners of SpaceSeed with proper development strategy, backed by our community of investors.

Launchpad / Project Incubator

No Code Locker & token minting

Project developers are welcomed to use our security feature allowing them to lock their liquidity provider tokens. 
Locking liquidity is becoming a standard in the DeFi industry, and we are proud to reaffirm this concept was brought to the market by Unicrypt. Vesting options can also both be utilized by project owners and/or early adopters of a technology. Coming Soon ~
It provides any user the possibility to make its own crypto-currency in a few clicks. No need to learn to code. Fill the form and you’re good to go. Coming soon ~

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Safe investments

We screen projects to make sure that you can invest your eyes closed

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What the token provides

Get rewarded by team work thanks to developed services fees
Buy back tokens rewarding holders
Deducted fees for the services provided
Access to any farming pool
High Yield reward
Access to innovative services
Claim tokens by the transaction made
Bigger pool size for participation
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